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To Trunk or Not To Trunk?

This blog entry isn’t about any particularly cool city on this tour. They are all cool. It is instead about getting my viola from point A to point B. As members of the Philharmonic we have two options with regards to our instruments. We can hand carry our instruments or we can “trunk” them. If we hand-carry them it means that we have them with us at every turn. Can you imagine the overhead bin space on a trans-Atlantic flight if over 100 musicians hand carried their instruments? Besides, that's not really an option for cellists, bassists or percussion players anyway.

Orchestra's Viola case
Violist Mick Wetzel's instrument - he 'trunked it' on the first leg of this tour after agonizing over the decision.

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London Calling

(Note: This post is by Gretchen Nielsen, the LA Phil's Director of Educational Initiatives. These are her thoughts on a rehearsal led by Gustavo Dudamel for an orchestra of young musicians involved in community music projects in east London, alongside several members of the LA Phil and the LSO. These students participate in programs similar to the LA Phil’s own Youth Orchestra Los Angeles and the El Sistema program in Venezuela.)

I write this post from the Eurostar on the way to Paris…

Gustavo Dudamel
Gustavo demonstrates the technique he wants to see from the young musicians while they play the last movement of Beethtoven's Seventh Symphony.

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Briefly Noted – From Cologne to London

We're flying from Cologne to London as I write this. The two concerts in Cologne went well - we received a very warm reception from the audiences. And, of course, it's hard not to like a concert hall when they hand you a glass of beer as you walk offstage after the concert. We celebrated Gustavo's 30th birthday with a post-concert bash until late into the night - good times on this tour so far!

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