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The Tour According to the Other Mary

The Tour According to the Other Mary

Kelley O'Connor, AKA Mary in John Adams' The Gospel According to the Other Mary, is shown here during the dress rehearsal at Walt Disney Concert Hall with dancer Troy Ogilvie.

The end is finally here. New York. Our final show.

I can't believe that this will be the last time we create this piece together as a unit; the orchestra, the crew, the chorus, the dancers, the soloists. We have become a family. We have given everything we could throughout the rehearsal process as well as onstage night after night. And it doesn't get more rewarding than this. Completely opening oneself up and inviting an audience into your world takes a lot of courage. The type of courage only this orchestra would have. The LA Phil took a risk and it has definitely paid off

Every single person played an integral part on this process. The amazing crew for this production should all take a much-deserved vacation after the hours of work and even an all-nighter that they pulled in Paris. And always in the greatest of spirits. This piece elevated everyone's performance. We were asked to raise the bar and it was raised.

I am so thankful for the ambition of this orchestra and administration for taking on such a monumental project and bringing it to the world. This has definitely been the highlight of my life so far. Thank you all so much for creating such a safe place to abandon ourselves and give all that we could. I will never forget this moment.