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Budapest at Night

Budapest at Night

This is the spectacular view from our hotel in Budapest. This is what you get when you work with a world-class band like the Los Angeles Philharmonic!

Budapest at night
A photo of Budapest at night, taken by Kelley O'Connor, who's traveling with the LA Phil as a featured guest artist during the 2011 European Tour.

And its a good thing, too. It is FREEZING here and even though we aren't having a "snowpocalypse" like some parts of the US, the lack of snow doesn't mean that I am wandering around the streets of Budapest. We ventured to the Great Market Hall today. A charming place with plenty of food vendors as well as Hungarian folk souvenirs - lots of them! But just because it is called a hall and it is covered doesn't mean it is inside. By the time I returned to the hotel I couldn't feel my hands or feet - brrrrr!

The orchestra is about to begin the Mahler 9 here in Budapest and I am at the hotel getting all ready to go to our final destination - Vienna and the Musikverein, where Mahler DID Mahler. Amazing! This is going to be a great way to end this tour. I think a little Sachertorte is in order! It has been a crazy couple of weeks but very memorable.

(Note: Mezzo-soprano Kelly O'Connor is on tour with the LA Phil and performing the vocal portions of Bernstein's "Jeremiah" Symphony. You can read some of her other thoughts on the tour at her blog.)